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Sources: Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, United States

Mineral: Spodumene

Composition: LiAlSi2O6

Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7

Chakra(s): Heart

Astrological Compatibility: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

Benefits: Anxiety, Circulatory System, Depression, Epilepsy, Immune System, Joint Pain, Nerve Conditions, Psychiatric Disorders, Stress

  • Awakens the heart and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication.
  • Induces a deep meditative state and greatly benefits those who find it difficult to meditate.
  • Dispels negativity from individuals and environments, and shields the aura from unwanted energies.
  • Imparts ability to be self-contained, centering in all situations, to maintain focus and prevent distractions or mistakes.
  • Promotes tolerance for oneself and others, stimulates maturity in thought and action, and encourages humility and the willingness to serve.
  • Facilitates introspection and the ability to act on constructive criticism.