Septarian (Dragon Stone)

Sources: Australia, United States, Canada, Spain, England, New Zealand, Madagascar

Mohs Hardness: 3-4

Chakra(s): Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Astrological Compatibility: Taurus

Treats/Benefits: Metabolism

  • Gives one the confidence needed for public speaking and helps to gain an audience’s attention. 
  • Allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility.
  • It can gauge the underlying cause of an illness when meditated upon, and focuses the body into healing itself.  
  • Can absorb energy when held over a period of time and transmits that energy into strength when needed. 
  • Known to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart and heal the emotional body.
  • One of the best stones for anyone who is strictly looking to work on themselves so that they may be better for the ones closest to them.
  • As this stones vibrations imbue your heart with love, courage, and power, you’ll notice yourself radiating that energy to others.