Source: Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Germany, Myanmar, Dominica
Composition: C,H,O
Mohs Hardness: 2-2.5
Chakra(s): Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Astrological Compatibility: Aries, Leo
Treats/Benefits: Pain Relief

  • Has string connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies. 
  • A powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalization.
  • Cleans the environment and chakras.
  • Absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.
  • A powerful protector, it links the everyday self to the higher spiritual reality.
  • Brings balance and patience and encourages decision-making, being a useful memory aid.