Sources: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa
Composition: KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30
Mohs Hardness: 5.5 - 6.5
Chakra(s): Crown, Third Eye
Astrological Compatibility: Pisces
Treats/Benefits: Emotional Stress, Fear, Self Esteem

  • A regulatory stone, it helps with sorting out one's feelings that are on the more extreme end.
  • Helps with lingering sorrow, fear, anger and resentment inflicting pain on emotional wounds from the past.
  • Offering hope and optimism, this stone enables one to accept one's place in the present moment and brings light to darkness.
  • Encourages forgiveness of one's self and making peace with past mistakes and grievances.