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Source: United States, China, Italy, Myanmar, Russia, Middle East 

Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity. Much prized in the East, it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. Jade is associated with the heart chakra* and increases love and nurturing. It is a protective stone, which keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. It is believed to attract good luck and friendship.

Psychologically, Jade stabilizes the personality and integrates the and with the body. It promotes self-sufficiency. Mentally, jade releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It stimulates ideas and make tasks seem less complex so that they can be acted upon immediately.

Emotionally, Jade is a “dream stone.” Placed on the forehead, it brings insightful dreams. It aids emotional release, especial of irritability.

Spiritually, Jade encourages you to become who you really are. It assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey and awakens hidden knowledge.

Physically, Jade is a cleansing stone, aiding the body’s filtration and elimination of organs. It is the stone par excellence for the kidneys. Jadeite and Nephrite have the same healing properties but individual colors have specific attributes.

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