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Sources: Britain, Egypt, Germany, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Poland

Mineral Type: Anhydrite

Composition: CaSO4

Mohs Hardness: 3.5

Chakra(s): Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Astrological Compatibility: Aquarius

Treats/Benefits: Balances Fluids Within Body and Thyroid with Parathyroids, Repairs Tissue and Blood Vessels, Sunburn, Throat, Weight Control

A powerful stone for healers which deepens attunement, heightens perception and raises awareness. Connects to universal knowledge and facilitates conscious contact with guardian angels. Guides on spiritual journeys and balances spirituality with everyday reality to create a deep sense of peace, tranquility, and brotherhood. Promotes clear and orderly communication, helping to speak one’s truth and to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of that which cannot be changed. Transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing, opening the way for spiritual insight and development. Alleviates psychological pain, counteracts cruelty, dispels anger, and provides a protective field around the environment and body. Enhances astrological understanding and brings a deeper understanding of mathematics.

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