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Crystal Beaded Bracelet "Tranquility"




Single strand crystal beaded bracelet on a stretch band with Lepidolite, Amazonite, and Quartz.

Lepidolite: Helps clears electromagnetic pollution. Aids in shamanic journeying & brings spiritual awareness. Reduces stress & depression. Encourages independence & achieving goals without help. Keeps focus on what is important.

Quartz: A master healer & energy amplifier. Stimulates immune system & brings body into balance. Acts as a deep soul cleanser & helps to find spiritual purpose. Absorbs, stores, releases & regulates energy.

Amazonite: An extremely soothing stone. Has a powerful filtering action which calms the brain & nervous system & maintains optimum physical health. Alleviates worry, fear & aggression. Absorbs microwaves & electromagnetic pollution.

Circumference: 6.5" - 7"

Beads: 6mm

Item Code: NVB1549

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