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Dragon's Blood Resin 1 oz / Dracaena

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Dragon's Blood is a very powerful resin from India and Sumatra with a natural red pigment, and an earthy fragrance. It grounds and amplifies energies, protects against negativity, and raises vibrations for meditation. Dragon's Blood also increases the potency of other resins for ceremonies. 

Instructions: Break down to a pea size or smaller. Burn over charcoal tablet or sage leaves. Apply flame approximately 10-15 seconds. Let Burn 5 seconds, then fan the flame out. Use an abalone shell or a fire proof bowl to catch the ashes. Briskly distribute white smoke to cleanse. Ventilate space by opening windows. It's normal for the resin to turn off sometimes. Just simply relight. 

Weight: 1 Ounce 

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