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Ammolite Ring

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Sterling silver ring made with a natural high grade Ammolite. Features different vibrant colors of Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, and slight purple when looking at the ring from the side. Ammolites are an opal like organic gemstone that forms over millions of years on the shell of a Ammonite. 


  • Helps to awaken your awareness in yourself
  • Aids to increase general health and elevate ones stamina
  • Ammolites are known to attract abundance, good luck, and prosperity 

Size: 7.5

Face: 1-1/16" x 1/2" (27mm x 12mm) 

Band Width: 1/4" x 3/16" (6mm - 4mm)

Weight: 8.17 grams 

Item Code: NVR1340

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