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Zuni Fetishes

A Zuni Fetish, or wemawe, is a carved object of an animal or revered god made by a member of the Zuni tribe. Each Fetish carving is believed to have inherent powers or qualities that may aid the owner. Rocks whose shape naturally resembled animals or people were called "stone ancients" or Ahlashiwe, which served as the first Fetishes. They were made of natural materials such as ivory, amber, turquoise, shell, alabaster, and onyx. Today fetishes are made from a great variety of materials, both traditional and contemporary. Fetishes act as a three-dimensional symbol for spiritual wisdom and prayer, they aid the mind and spirit that help connect good fortune and will.
 All of our fetishes are authentic Zuni made.

Zuni Bear Fetish


Zuni Cat Fetish


Zuni Horse Fetish


Zuni Turtle Fetish


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